Thank you for visiting ARDA-ROC to learn more about how to sell your timeshare interest. ARDA-ROC is a non-profit organization that advocates for local, state and federal policies for the benefit and protection of timeshare owners. We are not a resale company and do not offer resale services, but have developed some useful tools to help you through the process.

Please visit our website, and click on Timeshare Resales, where you can access information about how and where to resell your timeshare, some best practices, and view a list of frequently asked questions. For your convenience I have included some information from the website that details the types of resale companies that exist. You may also want to view a list of licensed real estate brokers who specialize in handling timeshare products.

What kinds of timeshare resale companies are there?

If your resort developer, management company or homeowners’ association is unable to assist you, there are three basic types of timeshare resale companies to consider:

  1. Resale Advertisers - These are companies that only help you market or advertise your timeshare. Typically they don't help you close a sale or rental.
  2. Licensed Resellers - They employ licensed real estate agents that can assist in all aspects of selling and renting.
  3. Other companies who offer to buy your timeshare interest, take it away for a fee, or help you give it to charity. Be careful when dealing with companies in this category because of the rampant fraud taking place. Verify the company is an ARDA member and check past customer reviews.

For more information visit Selecting a Resale Company.

Again, thank you for contacting ARDA-ROC!