July 27, 2016

The American Resort Development Association (ARDA) and its Resort Owner’s Coalition (ARDA-ROC) have been made aware of fraudulent activity by an individual using the name “Anthony Parker”, to defraud timeshare owners through improper representation of The Association for Timeshare Owners Committees (TATOC), the European association for timeshare owners.

“Anthony Parker” is in No Way Affiliated with TATOC, ARDA or ARDA-ROC


Several timeshare owners are being contacted by a man using the name “Anthony Parker”, claiming to be a sales representative for TATOC, in an attempt to get owners to pay an upfront fee for their timeshare resale. “Parker” claims that he has “a buyer” interested in the owner’s timeshare and that he requires money upfront to be wired into an account in order to complete the transaction. “Parker” has been reported to lure owners into taking the deal by sharing the website www.tatoc.us, which is a cloned site for the real TATOC that is located in the United Kingdom (www.tatoc.co.uk/). He is known to use the email address tatoc.parker@gmail.com. However, he, or any of his associates listed on the fake website, may also use other email addresses and names in an attempt to continue the scam.

TATOC is aware of the situation and is working with the local authorities to resolve the matter.

Proceed with Caution

ARDA and ARDA-ROC caution all timeshare owners to be wary of such solicitations. Beware, the website and credentials used by “Anthony Parker” and his associates are in no way affiliated with TATOC. If you have been contacted by this organization, ARDA urges you to visit the TATOC Consumer Helpline at http://tatocconsumerhelpline.eu/, or contact them directly at info@tatocconsumerhelpline.eu.

If you feel that you have been a part of a scam, contact your local authorities to file a report, reach out to the state attorney general, and file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. ARDA encourages owners to thoroughly research any company before doing business with them or paying any upfront fees. For more information about timeshare ownership and tips to ensure a safe buying or selling experience, visit ARDA-ROC’s Timeshare Resale Resource Center.