If you are interested in exiting or reselling your timeshare, please click here and visit the Coalition for Responsible Exit website. It was built to provide timeshare consumers like you with tools needed to help you make an informed decision on resale or ownership transfer options, as well as arm you with the knowledge to avoid fraud and other schemes. Many developers have created their own programs to help owners at little or no cost and these programs can be viewed on the Coalition for Responsible Exit website.  To access your developer’s program, just click on their logo to see their program and eligibility requirements. 


If you do not find your developer on the website, do not meet the qualifications, or are just looking to rent your timeshare you may want to consider talking to an ARDA member timeshare advertising and resale company. We always recommend using an ARDA-member company for your resale or rental needs to avoid being the victim of a scam.