As a timeshare owner, you may have recently been contacted by a third-party company offering goods, services, or other information. There are a variety of scenarios; they are inviting you to an owner update meeting for your current timeshare, they have a buyer for your timeshare, they can help you reduce your maintenance fees, they would like to list your timeshare for sale, and the list goes on and on.

We always encourage consumers to work with ARDA-member companies as they have agreed to abide by ARDA’s Ethics Code as part of their membership with our organization. However, please note that ARDA membership should not be the only determining factor to consider when deciding who to conduct business with. We encourage you to do your own independent research as well. For a complete list of ARDA members please visit


You may also want to consider contacting the Attorney General’s office in your state, or the state where the company operates, to find out if the company has any formal complaints against it. For a full list of Attorney General’s please visit the following website:


For additional questions, please contact us at (855) 939-1515 or